My initial interest in Ski Doo snowmobiles began back in the mid to late sixties. Like so many others, I found the sport of snowmobiling fascinating, and quite thrilling. My late father was always tinkering with some sort of machinery, and I was always there  with him to share in the experiences, some good, some very bad, LOL!
I owned several Ski Doo's through the early to mid seventies, as well as many Bombardier Can Am motorcycles!
The late seventies and early eighties saw my interest in snowmobiling drift away, but the fire was rekindled about 1987, when I purchased a 1972 T'NT 440 to restore. I restored several other Ski Doo's over the years.
In 1992, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and along with my younger brother, opened a Bombardier dealership.
In 2003, we closed the business down, and I pursued a different career path.
I began to accumulate vintage parts many years ago, even before I had my dealership.  I guess you could say I'm obsessed with Bombardier parts, I simply enjoy having them in my possesion, weird, eh?
I have sold vintage parts all over North America, and many European countries.  I have many great and  loyal customers that
have made this hobby a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Vintage rules!